Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning

Occasional light cleaning will help keep your new surface looking its best. Typical maintenance includes pressure washing or using a combination of a garden hose and utility brush to clean the surface.


The KolorStone system is resistant to stains from most chemicals and thawing salts. Pressure washing will often remove these types of stains. From time to time, stains from automobile discharge, tree sap, etc. require cleaning products to assist in stain removal. We recommend Ash Grove Pro All-Purpose Cleaner for most difficult stains. Commercial degreasers (for automobile discharges) or organic cleaners (for natural stains) may work best in some instances.


The KolorStone system uses quality colorants designed to last for the life of the product. You may notice what appears to be a dulling of the surface color after a few years of wear. Contact your contractor to reapply a new coat of sealer to the surface. Vibrant color will return and make your surface look new again. We recommend a new coat of sealer every three to five years depending on the amount of traffic the surface receives.


Due to the inherent properties of concrete, moisture is nearly always present in the concrete substrate. The KolorStone system is designed to breathe - meaning the system is designed to allow the moisture to pass out of the concrete slab. Long-term use of rubber mats, plastic pool covers, or other non-breathable items restricts the breathing ability of the system. This may trap moisture below the KolorStone surface that may cause a white hazy stain to appear. This type of stain is not an installation problem, but a maintenance problem. If a stain of this type appears, options to remove it include: an additional coat of sealer; cleaning with a xylene based cleaning product; or for the most difficult stains - stripping the sealer, cleaning the surface, and reapplying sealer. Contact your installer for help with these types of stains.