KolorStone offers quick, easy and cost-effective enhancements to concrete:

• sidewalks and patios
• driveways
• swimming pool decks
• walls
• stairways and entry areas
• residential and commercial spaces

KolorStone transforms plain concrete surfaces into upscale design features with unsurpassed beauty and durability.

Ideal for adding eye-catching embellishments and protection to new construction, or for revitalizing worn-out surfaces. KolorStone offers a quick, easy, cost-effective enhancement to concrete:

Benefits of adding KolorStone coating to concrete include:

  • Improved visual impact: unlimited colors and patterns that replicate the look of stone, tile, brick, or other textures
  • Added durability: protects surfaces from harsh temperatures, oil, salts or other damaging elements
  • Increased safety with skid-resistant textures

Since 1984, KolorStone has built a strong and growing reputation for excellence among concrete specialists, landscape professionals, swimming pool/spa companies, interior designers and architects.

Kolorstone can bring a revitalizing revenue boost to your business.

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